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An annual recurring theme - and not just for me - is an apparently regular problem with getting back in to the swing of modelling post ScaleModelWorld, or even the National Championships (it's been around for that long); I'm pretty sure that if I delve back in to the dusty Tailpiece archives I'll find traces of this particular malaise. It's illogical really; given that many of us, and me, return from these events with two or three items which we can't possibly do without for another day or two, waiting only momentarily to make the decisions on which should be consigned at least for the time being, of course, to the stash the obvious course would be to seat down at the workbench with all due haste, rip open two or three pristine packages and start casting frantically around for those appropriate references which aren't immediately available from our inbuilt Google.

A couple of kits stirred the polystyrene juices, although one has been lurking on the fringes waiting for some suitable decoration; it's finally covered on the workbench page, and was largely impelled by the ancient and immutable belief that Real Harvards Are Yellow. The second was the Adam A.500, one of those lesser-known American shapes that AModel seems impelled to commit to plastic; I think I saw the original at Oshkosh several years ago, but I may be confusing it with the A.700 jet-powered variant - or was that only a project/mock-up? The AModel kit is now listed on Uncle David's "Future Releases" page, so I've earmarked it for the higher-flying Hereward E.3, unit and finish yet to be decided, though it would be nice to find an excuse to use PRU blue. And then there is, or will be, a small group of Mongooses - Mongeese? - which should appear here shortly, with explanation and possibly even back stories.

And I've been to a couple of shows, with Flossie Malavielle's of "Back on the road again" resonating om my hearing even though there was no working CD player in the car; that's now been put right, and our favourite Franco-Geordie has unwittingly resumed the role of roadie that she used to fill for Vin Garbutt. The first outing for the year was to Old Warden, Shuttleworth holding their annual Model Day which enabled me to put a few models on the New City Model Club table and to resume sundry conversations which had been unaccountably interrupted at Telford; as well as the resumed chat one of the pleasures of such shows is seeing models which wouldn't otherwise have attracted my attention. I kicked myself for not having my little camera with me when I saw this model of a shining white Ferrari coupe embellished with carefully defined multi-coloured patches, but what I really liked with the immaculately executed name plate which as well as the Prancing Horse carried the legend Ferrari Factory Reject. Two weeks later I was at Peterborough, a show which the WhatIf? SIG has attended for several years, WifSIG at Peterborough, March 2017held this year for the second time at the Voyager Academy, which produced a comment about why it should carry the name of an Airbus tanker; I thought last year that it could have been a tip of the hat to Jeana Yeager and the Rutan brothers, but that's probably even less likely; perhaps it was Marco Polo. Martin Higgs, Our Leader, brought amongst other eye-catchers a selection of Lightnings - BAC, of course, none of this confusing multi-morphing Lockheed stuff - and lurking at the far end one of the bizarre Luftwaffe 1946 "flying saucers"; and around my yellow Harvard 2 there's proof that I have been commiting modelling recently.

One of the prime purposes of going to these events is of course meeting and chatting, and after a series of changes of plan I got to Southern Expo this year on the second day; I usually try to go on the Saturday, but that didn't work this weekend. I did a least get a parking space on the Sunday, though it was still early when I left home! And it was good as always to see old friends. and slightly astonishing that we've been going to Hornchurch for twenty-one or more years. Maybe see you there next year, then - depending on what our granddaughter will want to do on her tenth birthday. 20.03.17..





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