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At my age of course it is a basic requirement - probably a necessity for survival - to believe implicitlly that The Young Know Nothing and have to be forcibly fed with our occasionally hazy memories and the Great Truths Handed Down by which we can convince ourselves of our innate wisdom. When I sat down to the keyboard to compiile a brief - very brief, with luck - overview of my last twelve months or so, I was immediately assaulted by the earworm of "That Was The Year That Was", which would have been a good opening line assuming that a good proportion of You Out There recognised it. But....

As I failed to launch this in to the wild black yonder in time for the briefly restored chimes of Big Ben, I thought I'd look forward instead. There are of course some boxes of interesting resin and/or plastic carried over from the frayed remnants of the 2017 Master Plan. Those hovering on the fringes of my consciousness/workbench include a Blackbird Models Saro Lerwick which is destined to travel farther than any of its siblings (was Trincomalee a flying boat anchorage?) and a fifth - and last, honest - Winchester bomber for which I would like a Tallboy or Grand Slam, but viewers may have to use their imagination. I have a Mikr Mir kit of the extraordinary Kalinin K-12 tailess bomber, which thoughtfully comes with the decals for all those feathers, and which if my dexterity and patience survive will surely deserve its spot on the What If? line-up. Having assembled a pair of Freightdog's Supermarine 327s I fancy at least two more, and if I can come to a decision on the mark/colour scheme/powerplants probably a third. I am havering over the possibilities of the new Airfix Phantom, but I may well wait for the FGR.2; the first time I got involved with Modeldecal resulted in Dick Ward covering 6 Squadron's XV424, and I'd like to make that if my older son doesn't get there first. In the apparent continuing disregard of the bomber/PR Canberra in 1:72nd I await Mel Bromley's S+M version to help justify my continuing optimism, and I still have the larger part of the Model Alliance unit markings sheet from which to choose; if possible I would like to do a B.2 in the early grey/green/PRU blue colours. I have a feeling that those came mostly from Avro or Handley Page, but I have time to check.

And while there will I am sure be essential books looking, probably in vain, for a gap on a shelf of even a vacant square of carpet I wait with hope for a couple. or perhaps three, new contributions from Crecy, and in particular Tony Buttler. His substantial updating of post-war British Jet Bomber designs is according to the Crecy website due in the next three months or so; and his original 1935-50 volume is also undergoing updating and could well arrive divided in to fighter and bomber books. It's at time like this that I say "I can't wait" knowing that I have no option!

One last plea to the Masters of Resin; you may well recall that what I want, what I really, really want is a pair of Supermarine 559s, one each for QRA North and QRA South, even if I have to furnish the missiles. I'll find the shelf space.

To steal from Donald Rumsfeld there may yet be unknown unknowns to help light up our 2018. Have a good one!




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